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  The Techno India Group initiative was envisioned by none other than, Mr. Satyam Roy Chowdhury. He is the visionary, the legendary entrepreneur who has revolutionised the education system in eastern India. The Techno India Group provides education from Play Group to PHD. As the Managing Director of TIG, he has paved the way for each child to achieve greatness by giving him access to comprehensive education.

He is an author, thinker, philosopher, entrepreneur, blogger, book editor and philanthropist. He is the President of Prerona, a social organization which works with destitute boys and is also associated with Kolkata for Kolkata, whose vision is to make Kolkata an Age-Friendly City for which a comprehensive project has been planned in association with WHO. He has authored several books such as Tagore for You, Vivekananda for You, Netaji for You, Sri Ramkrishna for You, Kalam Katha, Gitanjali Indian, and others. He has contributed immensely to the  development of Bengali art and culture as well. 
He is an inspiring leader with an undaunted spirit who has taken his venture to great heights through relentless hardwork and absolute determination. The Techno India Group Public School is his brainchild which has given many children residing in various parts of West Bengal the golden opportunity to receive world-class education.
We, at TIGPS, Nabadwip, are proud to be under his expert guidance and leadership.    



"The child is the father of man"

To me the very purpose of quality education is character building. Children are malleable, who can be shaped into persons of excellence..As responsible teachers, we have to be exemplary to our students in order to prepare them to be assets to the society and the nation. Our endeavour is to retain smiles on the faces of the children and channelise the energies of youthfulness. Every child should be encouraged to perform to the fullest ability in areas beyond academics. An institution should be a living place that shapes children's lives and builds their character. Therefore to assess the school's performance only by its high academic scores is not sufficient, it is equally important for a school to be a place for happy children with a love for learning and sound value system. To achieve these objectives we need to work jointly with the parents of our pupils to create a climate for open exchange of views and experiences, supporting each other on all fronts.


Swakshar Chakraborty


   "The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values."

                                                                                                                                                                                 William S. Burroughs

Only acquiring and preserving facts can't serve the purpose of education as a whole, moral values should also be introduced and nurtured along with it, for the complete development of a human being.

In this mechanical world, where everything has a time limit and moral values are degrading day by day, the debate between quality time vs. quantity time is becoming more obvious.

Keeping these issues in mind, the role of the school is not limited in its academics only, but the implementation of moral values through Life Skill education has also become necessary.

Along with the role of the school, role of the teachers is also not negligible. They are the modulator of the future society. So, being Techno Teachers, along with effective discipline and positive behavior, we create an environment of an overall sense of respect between the students and teachers. We care for our first generation learners and appreciate our students. This appreciation helps the students in the assimilation of good habits and they learn the values in a practical and interesting way.



' Akhand-Mandalakaram
     Vyaptam yena
     Tatpadam darshitam yena
      Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.'

.....I was born in the darkest 
ignorance , and my spiritual
master opened my eyes
with the torch of
knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisance unto him.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Teachers are the guiding light for students who illuminate their paths with knowledge and awareness. It is their dedication and passion that has the power to alter and mould the human mind and character. Therein lies the triumphant glory of a true teacher.

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TIGPS Nabadwip started on 8th April 2015 with a mission to impart quality education and inculcate good values in the future generation. The school is following CBSE curriculum.

Opening Hours

  • Play Group Mon-Fri   8.45 a.m. to 12.35 p.m.
  • Nursery Monday to Friday   8.45 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.
  • KG Monday to Friday   8.45 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.
  • I & II Monday to Saturday (1st , 3rd & 5th Saturday school will remain open for class I & II)   8.45 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.
  • III to IX Monday to Saturday ( 1st , 3rd & 5th Saturday school will remain open for Class III to IX)   8.45 a.m. to 2.45 p.m.

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